Ludovica Castellani Ricci

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Name: Ludovica Castellani Ricci
Team: Employer Branding, Capability Acquisition and Development, Diversity and Inclusion
Nickname: The enthusiast in motion

Tell us about your journey

My adventure in the world of human resources began in 2018, when after graduating in psychology and obtaining a master's in human resources management, I started an internship at Atlantia. Together with the support of the many people who accompanied me along this path, this hands-on experience of everything that until then I had only been able to read about in books, enabled me to find my feet and develop a passion for the challenges of the world of HR. 
At the end of the internship, I took the opportunity to continue my development path at the Atlantia Group company, Aeroporti di Roma, where I faced new challenges and grappled with increasingly complex operational situations that allowed me to build more solid foundations. Now - more mature and aware - I am taking the opportunity to return to Atlantia, which has evolved and has new challenges to offer me.

What does your work bring you?

The opportunity to be in contact with different people, getting to know and supporting them in developing their talents and potential, and always encouraging them to realise their professional and personal growth ambitions.

What do you bring to Atlantia?

Enthusiasm, passion, and a desire to strive to grow with and through the Group, developing my skills to serve the company and all our future challenges.

What does Atlantia represent for you?

Atlantia is my past and my future... 
I am proud to belong to a Group that cares about all its people and invests in their human and professional development. 
All of us can contribute to the transformation process the company is going through and take the opportunity to constantly tackle the issues arising from an increasingly innovative approach.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced during your time with the company?

During this period, the most difficult challenge is not being able to simply shake hands with new colleagues, having to deal with various social distancing situations, and managing to convey a smile through a mask. 

What is your biggest achievement in this role?

Grasping the opportunity to gain experience and grow in the various Group companies. I set down roots at Atlantia, grew at Aeroporti di Roma and then got stronger again at the holding company, which is where I see myself flourishing.

What advice would you give to university students or young professionals thinking about a career in your area?

Study and learn. The skills you acquire and develop will set the foundations for getting started and enable you to constantly renew yourself.
Be curious and keep on the move. Curiosity opens your mind to new situations, allows you to forge ahead, constantly stimulates you, gets you ready for new ideas, and breaks down the barriers of prejudice. Being curious is like always being on the move, with your mind never standing still.
Seek out experiences in all spheres of life. Always look for new and different experiences, because everything you can try out today will shape your personality tomorrow.

Where do you see Atlantia and yourself in 5 years? 

I want Atlantia to continue and consolidate the transformation process already underway, focusing on innovation to leverage growth, investing in people as a vital asset, and promoting increasingly sustainable forms of mobility that respect the communities and the environment in which we operate.
I hope to see myself transformed, having grown and been enriched by all the experiences I will have shared with my colleagues at the Atlantia Group!

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