Governance of sustainability

To make ESG aspects increasingly integrated into the business and throughout the infrastructure development process, we have implemented a governance based on the interaction of different bodies dedicated to the supervision and management of these issues.

Our transformation as a Group – integrated with the ever-changing global context - is inspired by a greater awareness of the founding principles and values which are at the centre of the Corporate Governance and our daily actions: transparency, integrity, sharing, diversity, modernisation and innovation.

Our business model aims at generating value for all our stakeholders, an objective linked to sustainability and made possible through:
  1. the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in our Governance system, and in particular in the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Management Team;
  2. the inclusion of specific sustainability metrics in management incentive plans.
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Sustainability in our Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Oversees long-term strategy


Management Team

Draws up the climate strategy, promoting sustainability, analysis and assessment of the risk and opportunities linked to climate change, and overseeing and coordinating, implementation initiatives.


Principles and Policies

Our business culture promotes a series of company policies that incorporates the principles of fairness, legality and transparency into our daily actions.

Our Code of Ethics represents the core of values we believe in, conceived as guiding principles of our corporate identity and our daily actions.

We are committed to preventing and combating illegal practices through the Anti-Bribery Policy, an organic framework of rules adopted by the Group.

The Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Policy codes our commitment to creating a work environment where everyone’s plurality and diversity are respected, valued and included.

We have chosen to adopt a structured approach to guide investment decisions and management of our asset portfolio, combining the need to achieve a return on our investments with a positive social and environmental impact, in line with the primary goal of creating long-term value for all our stakeholders.

We have adopted the "Responsible Lobbying” Protocol, a document setting out the Group's guidelines for clear and transparent lobbying activity, aimed at avoiding the risk of undue influence, given also the lack of a defined regulatory framework for the sector.