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Atlantia: sale to ACS of the entire stake held in Hochtief

15 September 2022

CET 14:26 Rome, 15 September 2022 – Atlantia announces that the Board of Directors of the Company held today approved the sale of its entire stake in Hochtief AG (14,46%) to Actividades de Construcción y Servicios SA (“ACS”) following the binding offer submitted by ACS.

The sale consideration totals €577.8m, equal to €51.43 per share.

The sale of the stake forms part of Atlantia’s strategy of rationalising the investment portfolio and selling off non-core investments.

The agreement with ACS also includes an anti-embarrassment provision applicable in the 12 months following completion of the transaction, if ACS sells the shares acquired from Atlantia to a third party, other than an ACS group company, at a higher price.