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Atlantia publishes Tax Transparency Report for 2021. Transparency and focus on countries where Group operates form basis of document

02 August 2022

CET 11.02 Rome, 02 August 2022 - Atlantia has published the Tax Transparency Report 2021 on the Company’s website. The document summarises the tax principles followed, the Tax Governance framework adopted by the Company and the tax contribution of each Group company in the tax jurisdictions in which it operates. The Total Tax Contribution methodology has been used. Under this approach, the report provides information on both taxes paid (taxes borne) and those collected (taxes collected being those withheld by companies and then passed on to the various tax authorities). The report is the culmination of the process of adopting transparency rules that began in 2013, with Atlantia’s participation in a pilot run by the Italian tax authority. The pilot aimed to introduce a cooperative compliance scheme applicable to major companies, in which the Company still participates. “With publication of the Tax Transparency Report 2021,” said Atlantia’s CFO, Tiziano Ceccarani, “we wish to highlight the progress made by our Group in recent years in relation to our tax strategy and provide clarity on the impact of our activities in the various countries in which we operate. This initiative forms part of Atlantia’s wider commitment to ESG, underpinned by engagement with local communities and transparency,” concluded Ceccarani. 

Download the Tax Transparency Report