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Our Climate Action Plan
Our Tax Transparency Report
Our Tax Transparency Report
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  Atlantia score  
2019 2019-2021+ 2020 2021 Most
Vs. Sector
Leading provider of investment decision support tools for global investors (e.g. asset managers, banks, hedge funds and pension funds) CCC/AAA ~14.000 BB    BB  BBB BBB
Global leader in ESG rating and Corporate Governance, with strong focus on exposure and risk management issues 40+/0
(Severe - Negl. risk)
~14.700 20,6
(Medium risk)
(Low risk)
21,1 (Medium risk) 8.8 (Negligible risk)
Non-profit organization internationally recognized for the assessment of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions D-/A ~13.000 B   B B B
Leading european company in the assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management by companies 0/100 ~5.000 47   47 59 59
Responsible investment arm of Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. and most influential proxy advisor on Atlantia's shareholders D-/A+ ~9.700 n.a.   C C C
Created by the FTSE Group, selects companies that meet globally recognized standards for social responsibility and ethics 0/5 ~7.200 4.0   4.1 3.8 4.1
Provider of the most extensive platform of data, information, news and insights, to the global financial markets D-/A+ ~10.000 B-   C+ C+ B+
Global ESG benchmark provider for listed and private infrastructure assets (portfolio companies) E/A ~2.200 B   C B B