Engagement Policy

In compliance with principles of fairness and transparency, Atlantia intends to strengthen trust with Company’s Shareholders, Investors and key Stakeholders through stable and lasting relationships based on active listening and dialogue, in order to improve the understanding of each other’s legitimate expectations and interests, with the aim of facilitating the creation of long-term value. 

The Policy aims at establishing and maintaining a constant, ongoing relationship with the Company’s Shareholders, Investors and key Stakeholders.
Our principles for an effective dialogue:
  • Responsibility in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships based on ethics and integrity;
  • Transparency by sharing information that is relevant, useful, true, clear and complete;
  • Active listening based on direct, constructive dialogue that is respectful of diversity, inclusive and multicultural;
  • A balancing of stakeholders’ expectations with the aim of encouraging cooperation in order to achieve the goal of creating long-term value.
The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are responsible for the dialogue by following up on “Engagement Requests” and managing the organization of meetings with shareholders, investors and stakeholders through “Engagement Invitations”. 

Contact Point for Engagement Requests: The Investor Relations Department
 To make an Engagement Request fill in the form or contact the Investor Relations Department the Investor Relations Department