Control, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee

The Committee supports the Board of Directors' assessments and decisions regarding the internal control system and corporate governance. It also supports the Board in the approval of the financial and non-financial report.

In compliance with the related regulation, is composed of at least three non-executive directors. At least one member of the Committee has adequate knowledge and experience in accounting and finance or risk management.

Composition of the Committee

Gaia Mazzalveri

Chairwoman - Independent Director

Christian Coco

Non-Executive Director

Dario Frigerio

Independent Director 1
(1) Minority List Candidate

Role of the committee

The Control, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee is vested with the responsibility to support the Board of Directors' assessments and decisions concerning:
  • the internal control and risk management system 
  • enterprise risk management
  • the approval of periodic financial and non-financial reports.
  • Corporate governance

Committee activities

The Committee meets periodically, on the basis of the annual calendar of meetings, to perform its functions and at least every three months to review periodic financial reporting.
During 2021, the Audit, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee, in office until the Annual General Meeting held on 29 April 2022, met 16 times. The average attendance at meetings was  93,75 %.

Rules of the Committee

The Committee has adopted a Regulation governing its composition, duties and functioning, updated in February 2021 with a view to implementing also the recommendations contained in the new Corporate Governance Code 2020.