Internal Board Committees

The Board of Directors set up four internal committees in charge of submitting proposals and providing advice, each for its own area of competence.

In order to conform the corporate governance system to the current recommendations in terms of corporate governance and to acknowledge and clarify the consolidated practice endorsed by the Company in this regard, the Articles of Association, amended by the General Meeting of 28 April 2021, contain an explicit provision regarding the possibility for the Board of Directors to set up internal committees in charge of carrying out investigation, submitting proposals and providing advice, by also determining their members, duration, powers and functions as well as the related remuneration.

In accordance with the principles and the recommendations contained in the New Corporate Governance Code, adopted by the Company, the Board of Directors established the Board Committees listed below:
  • Control, Risk and Corporate Governance Committee
  • Nomination, Remuneration and Human Capital Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Committee of Independent Directors with responsibility for Related Party Transactions
Composition of the Committees
women advisors
The current structure of the Committees has been defined by the Board of Directors’ meeting held on 18 February 2021, which established for the first time a Sustainability Committee within the Board of Directors and revised the responsibilities of the pre-existing board Committees setting up a single Committee entrusted with the responsibilities of the Nominations Committee and of the Human Resources and Remuneration Committee.

The committees set up within the Board of Directors are responsible for deepening the analysis of all the issues under their respective areas of competence.
Each committee adopts its own regulation which governs its tasks and operating procedures.