Life at Atlantia

We work to improve people's lives, starting with our own.
Dynamism and inclusivity in the workplace are at the base of the development of our business. 


We are Atlantia. Our company is part of our story. We know that the success of the Group is linked to the participation and growth of each of us: we are a passionate and talented team where every idea counts.
Have a glimpse of our people’s stories, all chapters building our Atlantia storybook. Be inspired by our journey!

Information Technology & Digital Transformation
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Digital Communications & Corporate Brand Identity
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Employer Branding, Capability Acquisition and Development, Diversity and Inclusion
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Investor Relations
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Employer Branding, Capability Acquisition and Development, Diversity and Inclusion
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Our Culture

We commit every day to build a reality where the development of people is based on the valorization of diversity, equality and inclusion. 

Our values

We have a purpose: simplify daily life, offer possibilities.
The purpose of our commitment is summarized in our values.
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Diversity, equality and inclusion

We commit every day to recognize and value individual differences to maximize the potential in each of us across processes, exchanges, and relationships, as we believe that they are the core pillars for the development and the well-being of our people. We guarantee for each employee equal conditions and opportunities between different ages, sexes/genders and gender identities, cultures and ethnicities, religions, physical condition and abilities, economic situations – political opinions. We strive to embrace different perspectives and backgrounds to ensure progress and change.

What we offer


Our culture of transparency is at the base of our system of individual appraisal. We give authentic and constant feedback on individual performance, as an incentive for people development and growth. 
Reaching an objective is important, but it is how we reach it that makes a difference. The alignment with our values is the condition from which the valuation of our work starts.
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In 2021 we changed our Remuneration Policy, linking a significant portion of employees’ remuneration to the achievement of sustainability goals relating to ESG factors.

remuneration policy
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Training & education

Training is the way we enable the development of our employees, as a lever for the improvement of the entire professional community. We invest in the potential that each individual can achieve, supporting the skills of our people to promote their employability and improve the level of the contributions they can make to the community and to economic and social development.
Taking care of our people means investing in training, in their professional and personal growth. 
Our Sustainability Learning Hub – created in collaboration with SDA Bocconi School of Management – is the starting point to create a culture funded on the principles of sustainability and innovation which are at the core of our DNA. 
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