About us 

The world needs safe, sustainable, seamless and smart mobility.
This is our commitment: to make life simpler, to enable connections between the territories, the people and communities.​​​​​​​

Without borders

We are a strategic investment holding that manages motorways and airports under concession and offers mobility services.

We are people, who create value to places, cultures and communities.

We are around 21.000 people*, and we work everyday in many countries of the world, always remembering to be part of a global community.

Infrastructure Channel
Mobility for us is...

A connection between people, goods, communities, and territories that makes life easier and the travel experience unique. Safe, sustainable, smart, seamless: for us these are the characteristics of the mobility of the future. 

Sustainability and innovation as strategic levers
We work to build a safer, sustainable, integrated and efficient mobility.
​​​​​​​Sustainability and innovation are the strategic levers of our growth projects, aimed at creating lasting and shared value.
Mobility is undergoing a major transformation. At Atlantia, we imagine it sustainable, integrated, safe, innovative and viable
Thanks to new technologies and continuous research for solutions that make life more integrated we invest in new mobility services that will transform the travel experience.
* Figures not including the contribution of the ASPI group for which the agreement of the sale of our entire stake was signed in June 2021.